Why Cant Airsoft Guns Be Shipped To NY?

Why Cant Airsoft Guns Be Shipped To newyork

Despite New York being a prominent and big city, there are still restrictions when it comes to airsoft guns. An issue that comes to mind for airsoft fans and users is “why can’t I ship airsoft guns to New York?”.

Actually, you can ship your guns to New York. However, it is essential to note that online airsoft gun sellers would not ship these items to specific locations around New York. This is simply because of the state’s local regulations that prevent them from doing so.

One of the locations that are affected by these regulations is New York City and its boroughs, Buffalo and Rochester. New York is quite known to have a bizarre law when it comes to airsoft guns or replica guns in general.

In this article, we will share with you why you can’t bring guns to New York.

Rules Regarding Airsoft Guns Being Shipped To New York

Generally speaking, airsoft guns can be shipped to New York. In fact, there are no rules that forbid these items from being shipped to some major areas inside New York.

However, online retailers of airsoft guns do not ship here because of city ordinances that can be broken by shipping to these locations. In Buffalo, it is only allowed to store airsoft guns in locked safes or cabinets to prevent them from being fired.

Examples like these would explain why airsoft gun sellers do not ship to specific locations in New York. It is because shipping airsoft guns there would simply break the rules themselves. Unless you can ask your seller to ship it inside a safe.

Airsoft Law In New York

According to the law in New York, airsoft guns are considered firearms. They are seen as imitation weapons unless the airsoft gun is:

  • Marked with a non-removable orange stripe that is at least one inch in width or
  • Not colored in black, blue, aluminum, or silver.

Oddly enough, their law on imitation weapons does not cover a rule regarding nonfiring imitations of antique firearms as long as it was before 1898.

It is important to note that the law forbids people under 16 from using airsoft guns. They would be arrested and treated as juvenile delinquents if caught.

Taking into account the limitations and precautions, having an airsoft gun will only get you in trouble if you act irresponsibly with them.

Restrictions Of The Airsoft Guns In New York

Airsoft guns are not allowed to be used in public places and are not even allowed to be shown in public. Airsoft guns are never allowed in schools, and people who own them should not bring them to schools.

Most states also avoid teenagers to play and possess airsoft guns. Be sure to check your state laws if your age is allowed before buying one.

What Locations In New York Is It Safe To Ship Airsoft Guns To?

Excluding the major metropolitan areas in the city, most of the locations within New York can be delivered to by airsoft sellers. Locations such as Albany, Syracuse, and the other locations around these two are good areas where airsoft retailers often ship airsoft guns.


Now that you’re aware of where you can ship your guns, you should be able to safely bring them in from overseas. Be sure to always check out the laws on where you want your airsoft guns to be shipped and you’ll be fine.