Top 15 Things to Wear When Playing Airsoft

Top 15 Things To Wear When Playing Airsoft

The objective of Airsoft is to have fun, be strategic, and help your team win. To do this, you need to choose your gear carefully and be practical about it.

Having the right gear does not only make a great difference for you but in the outcome of your team’s success as well. Your gear is primarily designed to keep you safe but also to give you a tactical advantage. 

If you want to increase your chances of winning a match and keeping yourself safe, proceed below and check our recommendations on what to wear when playing airsoft.

1. Eye Protection

Airsoft can send  BBs flying at you at 150 fps. So you should wear eye protection to keep the BBs from scratching your eyes or worse.

Aside from this, you may also want to protect your ears and neck. Earmuffs are recommended, though they tend to be hot, especially in the summer.

If you’re wearing contact lenses, then you’ll definitely need a pair of goggles to protect yourself. Make sure to select anti-fog goggles if you wish to have the added benefits.

Best Googles to wear when Airsofting

2. Airsoft Hoodie

Because Airsoft is an outdoor sport, a hoody is recommended so that you can conceal your face, which may give away your location to opponents.

Also, a hoodie can be useful to lessen the impact in case you get hit by a BB. Wearing proper padding almost negates low FPS airsoft guns. Be sure to select breathable material so it doesn’t get too hot.

Also, select a hoodie that hides you in the environment so that opposing teams don’t find you easily. A camo hoodie would best suit this.

Best Hoodie for Playing Airsoft

3. Fitness Clothes

It is recommended to wear fitness clothes when playing Airsoft. Wearing normal clothes will make you sweat, which will make it more difficult for you to move around.

Most people use jogger pants since they are easy to move with and comfortable to be in.

Remember, you’re out there in the woods, in abandoned buildings, or on open fields, it can get very uncomfortable if you’re wearing inappropriate clothing.

What to wear when airsofting

4. Tactical Gloves 

You should consider wearing gloves and knee pads when playing Airsoft. While most players skip these, wearing knee pads will prevent your knees from getting scraped up if you fall.

Gloves on the other hand will protect your hands from BBs and branches that may cut your hands while playing in the woods. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If there are budget constraints, try adding this to your list and add it once you can. There are other more important gears you need to get first.

Best Gloves for Airsofting

5. Boots

You should wear some sort of athletic shoe when playing airsoft, such as military boots. If you wear normal shoes, make sure they are athletic shoes.

Running and hiding are both parts of the game. There will be times that you have to move fast and this increases the risk of injury. If you want to make sure you don’t get injured, be on the safe side and buy a pair of boots.

Boots for playing airsoft

6. Safety Helmet or Baseball Hat

Although it is not required, some people may still consider wearing a helmet or baseball hat.

If you have a lot of hair, you might be worried about the BBs getting stuck in them if you don’t wear a hat to cover it up. Or getting them stuck on a branch.

If you fear debris falling on your head or hitting your head on things, you can wear a hard helmet for added protection.

Best Helmet for Airsofting

7. Knee Pads

Although it is highly unlikely you will get hit on your knees, you can use kneepads when playing airsoft in order to gain an advantage.

When playing Airsoft, you can kneel or crawl from the enemy, therefore kneepads will give you this extra help you need to be comfortable while doing this.

Airsoft requires stealth movements that crouching, kneeling, or crawling might be just what you need to win a game.

Knee Pads for Airsofting

8. Tactical Jacket

To protect yourself from other BBs, you need to wear a jacket.

This might be an optional and something of a style choice rather than protection. Still, it’s good to know to have options. Some might not always appreciate camo designs. This definitely is a good choice.

Jacket for Airsofting

9. Old Veteran Uniform and Gear

This is the coolest outfit you can wear when playing Airsoft. Try to find the old veteran uniform and gear, and you’ll look more badass while playing Airsoft.

Check your old man’s closet or ask for a family heirloom from a great-grandpa. They may have one lying around at home.

10. Chest Rigs or Chest Plates

Chest rigs or chest plates are like Bandoliers. They help you carry more equipment on your chest.

This means that you’ll be able to carry more equipment and tactical devices. While it’s not a guarantee, this increases your chances of winning a match.

Try holding on to a few grenades and testing them out when you’re trapped in a corner.

11. Lower Masks or Scarves

Lower masks and scarves should be lightweight. If you wear bulky upper masks or thick scarves, you might get weighed down eventually.

Airsoft matches last for 10 minutes up to an hour depending on the game you are playing. Gears like these can get uncomfortable in the long run and may affect your gameplay.

12. Thick Socks

Thick socks are recommended to wear when playing Airsoft. The thicker, the better, but any thickness will do.

This protects your feet from bullets but also from the environment you are in. You’ll most likely walk on uneven ground, rocks, vegetation, and other debris in the field.

Along with your boots, your socks add an extra layer of protection for your feet. After all, you’re not the only thing running out there. Spiders, snakes, and bugs pose a threat too.

Airsofting Socks

13. Long Trousers or Pants

Long trousers are best worn when playing Airsoft, especially if you wish to conceal your knee pads underneath them.

Just make sure that you’re wearing a pair of pants where you can move freely. You’ll need to run, crouch, or even crawl from time to time so it’s best to prepare the most comfortable pants you have.

14. Combat and Under Armour Shirts

It is recommended to wear Combat and Under Armour shirts when playing Airsoft. It will protect your body better than normal clothing. Also, it is made out of breathable fabric so you can have a nice time and not sweat too much.

Shirt for Airsofting



After reading all this, make sure to select the equipment and clothing that is right for you. When playing Airsoft, try out your selection and if you don’t like it, keep changing it until you’re satisfied.

If it’s not your fit, try getting a new one. The point of Airsoft is to have fun and win, so make sure to wear the most comfortable clothing and gear you have.