What Should I Wear to An Airsoft Game (Reviewed 2023)

What Should I Wear To An Airsoft Game

Lately, airsoft is being mentioned partly as a fashion show. When you think about it, the statement has a good amount of truth to it.

But with all the gear available out there, as a beginner, it becomes difficult to know which one is the best option and which should you start with. With just a little bit of research on forums and youtube videos, you can find valuable information out there. 

What Should You Wear in an Airsoft Match?

The top things that you can purchase to wear for an airsoft match are as follow:

1. Men’s Tactical Combat Shirt and Pants

This set of clothing provides a really good starter set for one to wear and feel like a pro. The material is really comfortable and the price is really good taking into account that it comes as a set. The extra pockets on the side make it ideal for one to wear in combat as there is plenty of storage for anything you might want to bring.

2. Combat Military Cream Boots



These boots are one of the things you must purchase if you wish to play airsoft. Your shoes will be an important key in the agility, speed, and tactical effort you will be able to put into the game. So make sure you choose wisely since you don’t want to lose because you slipped and fell. 

What Should You NOT Wear to Your Very First Airsoft Game?

If you are playing for the first time, you might get excited about playing airsoft and getting into the combat field in a hurry. Don’t grab just any piece of clothing from your closet, as you will regret this after the very first round of playing. Do not wear:

  • No Face Protection
  • T-Shirt – Tank Tops
  • Shorts
  • Loafers – Flip Flops

What Should You Wear to Your Very First Airsoft Game?

Your first airsoft game is an opportunity to see if airsoft is something you will enjoy before investing in good gear. Don’t spend any money on any airsoft gear that will be available for rent at the airsoft field you will be playing at. Most fields have all the gear available for rent. If you are looking to purchase something in order to get started here is what you should buy: 

Get a Good Pair of Boots

The one thing you may need to purchase if you don’t have it already is a good pair of boots with good ankle protection. A good pair of hiking boots will serve the purpose. You can choose a high-heel boot or a low-heel one, this depends on what you are looking for. 

Wear Thick Clothes

To avoid getting hurt by the bbs when they hit you, make sure that you wear clothes that are mildly thick to reduce the impact of the bbs. Clothes do not need to be too thick since this will make you really sweaty but they need to be, at least thicker than polyester or silk

Airsoft bbs only hurt when they hit you on bare skin or light clothing. Therefore, you may want to wear something that will cover up as much skin as possible and it needs to be thick enough to prevent heavy impact on your skin when you get hit by a bb.

A basic pair of jeans and a long-sleeved sweatshirt will do a good job of padding you from bbs.


Another thing you may want to do is get a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Your airsoft gun will be one of the first things that will be seen when you are shooting from a corner. This means that it will be a target most of the time and your hands will get hit quite a lot in the process.

This is the main reason why gloves are a good idea.

Inquire on the field if you can rent out gloves or you can just buy your own pair.

Should You Buy or Rent My Goggles at the Field?

Since eye protection is one of the most essential things in airsoft it is best to purchase your own pair of goggles for your first game. Even if you end up not liking airsoft, you will have a great pair of protective eye goggles that you can use for many other things.

The great thing about airsoft goggles is that they are impact tested and rated. They are proven to be useful not just for airsoft but in other activities as well.

When buying a good pair of starter airsoft glasses you will need to make sure that they are glasses that you will be comfortable wearing in other things other than airsoft.

A great option for this would be Valken Zulu which you can purchase here. It’s a popular pair of protective glasses and can be used in many scenarios other than airsoft.

Do You Need Camo Gear to Play Airsoft?

While many people claim that airsoft camo gear is useful in helping to keep them out of sight when playing, I suggest that you first play a few games for you to figure out your style and preferred mode of gameplay before getting camo gear.

There are different types of camo gear and are styled based on military design.

Why Are Good Boots Important?

Most of the fields you play at in airsoft have really rough terrain. This is part of increasing realism and making gameplay more interesting. The only challenge with this is that since you’ll be running around the field trying to escape from getting hit you are likely to step on uneven ground. This increases the danger of rolling your ankles in the process.

The other challenge is that if you will be playing in an abandoned building you are likely to find hazards like planks that have nails sticking out of them and other similar dangers.

Getting a good pair of boots that have thick soles and good ankle production will help to reduce the possibility of rolling your ankles or having a nail go through your foot.

For your first airsoft game, consider getting a good pair of hiking boots that can be used for other things other than airsoft if you find that you don’t like the game. You can check the Merrell Men’s hiking boot, which is a good pair for starters.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Once you play for a few months and find that you love the game you can upgrade to tactical boots that look more like military boots than hiking ones. 

How Long Should You Wait Before Buying My Loadout?

There is no real number of games that you should play but as a benchmark that most players use and post online, you can play at least 2 airsoft games. Using rented equipment lets you feel what airsoft is like and what kind of player you want to be. 

After 2 games, you can decide if you want to continue this hobby and buy the essential gear for your next airsoft match.

What Should You Wear to CQB Game?

CQB or close-quarter combat is a lot different from getting shot from a distance. Bullets have a greater impact and it would hurt more. 

Generally, the nearer the target, the more painful the shot is. Try getting quality gear if you’re interested in playing CQB.

Face protection

Face and ear protection are important when playing CQB. This is because you will be playing close to other players and you are likely to be shot from close proximity and it will hurt more in CQB than on the field.

Ear protection

Most CQB arenas require that you have ear protection when on the field. They don’t have specific requirements.

Neck protection

This is a part of the body that is not usually well protected in airsoft games and it becomes even more important to cover it up on CQB. Trying out this Shemagh scarf will serve you well for this purpose.


Since CQB is normally played indoors, dark clothes will help you blend into dark corners. Dark shoes will help with the camouflage too.

Here is a video of an interesting DIY blackout kit you can use on CQB.

What Should You Wear to Field Games?

What you wear to the field will depend on the kind of position you are playing and the weather you will be playing in.

If you are a sniper, camo gear will be important to help you blend with the surroundings. However, you may not need neck protection and gloves which will be essential for riflemen. As a rifleman, a camo will be less useful compared to a sniper so other than for the looks, camo will not be very necessary.

However, you will require to have more protection than just eye protection if you don’t want warts all over your visible skin. So consider getting gloves, face protection, and neck protection. Wear what’s comfortable and cover up a lot of your skin.

Try not to make it too thick since you will be running around all day. This can only get you really hot and sweaty which you don’t want to experience in an open field. So it’s a balance of being covered up and keeping cool.

Good shoes are critical in protecting you from injuring your ankles as you run around the field. Get a pair of hiking boots with ankle protection or consider tactical boots early on as you start playing.


Your clothes and gears are vital parts of playing an airsoft game. However, these depend on what position you’re playing and where you are playing. Getting the right balance is key to being protected and comfortable. Above all else, try to get a feel of what airsoft battle is like before heading out to the store.

Now that you know what you should and should not wear, it’s time to go out there and experience a real airsoft battle. Good luck!