What is a Mid Cap Airsoft Magazine? – Beginners Guide

What Is A Mid Cap Airsoft Magazine

As a beginner in airsoft, there is a lot to learn from guns, gears, maintenance, fields, leagues, techniques, tactics, skills, and even jargon. There are unfamiliar words that experienced airsoft players throw around while playing. One of these words is Mid Cap Mag. So, what is a Mid Cap airsoft magazine?

A Mid Cap (or Medium Capacity) airsoft magazine is a device that stores airsoft BBs and is attached to an airsoft gun to feed the BBs into the Gun. The thing that distinguishes a Mid Cap Airsoft Magazine from other airsoft magazines is the fact that this mag uses a spring that does not need to be wound up as the BBs get used up.

The magazine is only fed once and used until all the BBs are spent. The Mid Cap Mag has the greatest level of realism in airsoft since it simulates how real firearm magazines work.

Let’s delve deeper and see how this magazine works and what that means for you as a beginner in airsoft.

How Do Midcap Mags Work?

A Mid Cap mag has a tight spring that pushes BBs constantly into the airsoft gun. The mag spring maintains its tightness even as the magazine is spent. this creates a constant flow of BBs without having to wind up the spring as the mag is spent.

Here is a video that helps to illustrate how the mag works.

Unlike a High Cap mag, this mechanism ensures that you do not have to wind up your mag spring to feed BBs into your airsoft gun. The other thing great about it is that it does not make any noise at all since its spring remains wound up at all times.

The Difference Between a Mid-Cap Mag and a High Cap Mag

There is a lot to consider when buying magazines and there are just a few. Mid Cap and High Cap magazines are two ways to go and you may want to know how they differ.

Comparing the two magazines would show how much Mid Cap magazines are better in most ways. But what do you think?


An average Mid Cap magazine holds about 100-150 BBs while the average High Cap mag holds about 300 s. The Mid Cap mag holds fewer BBs in it due to the space being taken up by the spring system.

If you look at the video above, you can see that the springs take up almost 1/4 of the total storage capacity. 


High Cap mags rattle when the mag starts getting spent. This creates a noise that can alert your opponents and can be disadvantageous in stealth situations.

On the other hand, the Mid Cap mag does not have this challenge since the BBs are fed using a spring system that holds the BBs in position without them rattling around.

Ease of loading

You need to use a speed loader when loading a Mid Cap mag but you can just dump the BBs into a High Cap mag and you’ll be ready to go.

The downside to the Mid Cap mag in this respect is that you will need to continue winding the gear at the bottom of the mag to ensure that it’s loading BBs correctly into the gun.

Construction Material

Most Mid Cap airsoft mags are constructed using plastic. On the other hand, most High Cap mags are constructed using metal. 

Feeding efficiency

High Cap mags tend to miss fire a lot since they do not consistently feed the airsoft gun with BBs. On the other hand, most Mid Cap mags feed airsoft guns very efficiently. 

BBs are inexpensive but this is something that you have to consider when purchasing mags. After all, you wouldn’t want your BBs to just fall and hit the ground instead of your opponents.


Midcap mags are the most realistic since they hold a limited number of BBs and they do not have a rattling sound when using them. You also don’t need to think about the mag once you load it until it’s spent.

When Should I Use a Mid Cap Mag?

A Mid Cap mag would work best for you if you are looking for realism. They offer the greatest level of realism in airsoft since it does not rattle and the bb rounds are limited since the number is not an insane amount – this is not GTA.

Mid Cap mags will also work for you when you do not want to think about the mag once you load it on the gun. Unlike the High Cap mag that needs to be wound up once to enable the BBs to load into the airsoft gun. Once you fix the Mid Cap mag on the gun, you don’t need to think about it until it’s spent.

The Best Midcap Mags

KWA K120

This mag is one of the most widely recommended Mid Cap mags out there. It feeds 120 BBs and is popular for being reliable and durable.

Check out the link by clicking on the name of the mag.


This is also a good mag that you can try. You can find lots of options in the market. The best answer would be from experience. 

You can also ask your friends and those you meet which Mid Cap mag works best for them. 

How to Maintain a Midcap Mag?

Even the best Mid Cap airsoft mags can run into problems over time. To keep the magazine in top condition, you have to maintain them in their best state from time to time. These mags can still have issues with:

  • BBs feeding 
  • Heavy BBs
  • Dirt or debris
  • Spring issues

To help the mags have the longest lifespan, it’s best to do the following things to ensure that the mags are well maintained.

Before you open up your Mid Cap mag, you’ll need a few things like:

  • Screwdrivers of different sizes
  • Allen keys
  • Compressed air
  • Q-tips
  • Microfiber rags

Opening the magazine is easy and all you need is to unscrew it. Once the magazine is out of the outer chamber, you will be presented with a transparent plastic casing. If you need to open the magazine, follow the video guide here for more information.


There are various reasons why you should use a Mid Cap mag for your airsoft. They offer the most realistic feel of being on a real battlefield. The magazines are not wounded, quiet, and have a limited amount of BB bullets. 

But if you’re up to the fun, who’s to say High Cap magazines are not better? After all, you’ll be the one using them so use what you think is best for you.