SIG MIP1 MPX Airsoft Gun Review

Sig Sauer has forever been one of the leading manufacturers of firearms worldwide. This same brand has come to take over and revolutionize the airsoft market by introducing the SIG1 MPX Airsoft Gun, one of the most sold guns in the USA and worldwide. 

Every player that has played airsoft has been in contact with this gun, either directly (by having purchased it) or indirectly (by playing against somebody who owns it). It’s a great gun for beginners but can be really good for experienced players due to its customizable features. 

SIG1 MPX Spring Airsoft Rifle by Sig Sauer
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Spring Loaded
  • Lower Firing Velocity
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Not only is this gun affordable, but it is made to simulate and replicate a real-life firearm. If you think about it, it has copied a real-life gun in looks and imitated some of the best features like reliability and accuracy. 

Let’s take a look at what this gun has to offer:


The SIG1 Spring Airsoft Rifle is designed with a full-sized, all-terrain synthetic stock and a full-length Picatinny rail system that is ideal for adding airsoft accessories such as scopes, sights, or flashlights. It also features a removable carry handle with an integrated rear sight and an adjustable front sight for windage and elevation.

The SIG1 Spring Airsoft Rifle is a spring-powered airsoft gun, which means that it requires manual cocking before each shot. It has a capacity of 350 BBs, which is ideal for extended playtime without the need for frequent reloading.


Given it is a spring-loaded airsoft gun, the SIG1 Rifle will provide you with good accuracy and range. If you use the front sight and get the hang of it, you will get improved precise targeting that will allow you to hit all targets within range. Its 340 FPS will be permitted in indoor and outdoor games, making it an excellent choice if you are accustomed to playing on both circuits. 


  1. Affordable: This gun is one of the most bought in the airsoft marketplace. Its easy-to-access price point makes it ideal for players of all levels. 
  2. Durable: Thanks to the all-terrain synthetic stock this gun has, it’s made to last a lifetime. 
  3. Customizable: Because of the Picatinny full-length rail system, you can easily customize this gun to suit your needs. Once you start customizing, you won’t know when to stop. 


  1. Spring Loaded: The gun is loaded by cocking the gun in order for it to fire. You can’t ask more for the price you are paying. 
  2. Lower Firing Velocity: Because of the spring-loaded cocking, your gun won’t be as powerful as other electric guns on the market. This may be an issue for extended gameplay. 

Final Verdict:

In my experience, this is the best gun for the price you will ever find. With a realistic look and solid performance, you can’t ask more from a high-quality brand-name gun by Sig Sauer. It’s made to last thanks to the durable and long-lasting material it’s made of. To complement everything, it can hold up to 350 BBs, which will suit your needs if you are into extended playtime (just make sure to be strong enough to pump your gun 350 times).