5 Easy Steps on How to Remove a CO2 Cartridge From an Airsoft Gun

How To Remove A CO₂ Cartridge From An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns use CO2 cartridges to power them. The cartridge is inserted into the gun, and a small amount of CO2 is released when the trigger is pulled, propelling the BB or pellet down the barrel.

This guide will show you how to remove a CO2 cartridge from an airsoft gun.

Why You Should Remove CO2 Cartridges From an Airsoft Gun?

Other than maintaining your gun, there are various reasons why you should remove a CO2 cartridge from an airsoft gun. You can always replace a CO2 cartridge when you need it.

  1. CO2 cartridges are under high pressure. If left in the gun, they can leak and damage the gun so it should be removed after use.
  2. If the temperature changes, the pressure in the cartridge can change and can cause the gun to malfunction.
  3. It’s unsafe to leave CO2 cartridges because someone may mistakenly fire the gun. Children and inexperienced individuals should not be handling guns with cartridges in them.

Therefore, removing the CO2 cartridge when you are not using the gun is advisable and recommended. It serves as a safety precaution for those around you as well.

How to Remove a CO2 Cartridge From an Airsoft Gun?

For instructions on how to remove a CO2 cartridge from an Airsoft Gun, here are the following steps:

Step 1: Unload Your Airsoft Gun

  • Ensure your airsoft gun is unloaded before attempting to remove the CO2 cartridge. To do this, pull back on the charging handle and release it. This will eject any BBs or pellets that may be left in the chamber.
  • Failing to unload your gun before removing the CO2 cartridge could result in the BBs or pellets being fired when you release the gas, which could cause serious injury.
  • Before removing the CO2 cartridge, it is crucial to point the gun in a safe direction. This will ensure that any BBs or pellets left in the chamber will not be discharged and injure anyone.

Step 2: Find the Release Valve

  • There will be a small release valve near the CO2 cartridge on most airsoft guns. This is what you will use to release the gas from the cartridge so that you can remove it. The release valve is usually located on the top or side of the gun, near the CO2 cartridge.

  • Sometimes, the release valve is hidden by a small cap. If this is the case, use your fingernail to pry off the cap and reveal the valve beneath.

Step 3: Push the Release Valve

  • Once you have found the release valve, push it in with your finger. You may need to use a small tool, like a screwdriver, to help push it in.
  • Pushing in on the release valve will release the gas from the cartridge and make it easier to remove. Don’t worry if you hear a hissing noise; this is just the gas escaping from the cartridge.

Step 4: Remove the CO2 Cartridge

  • With the release valve depressed, twist or pull out the CO2 cartridge. It may take a little bit of force to remove it, but it should come out relatively quickly. If you are having difficulty removing the cartridge, make sure that you have released all of the gas by depressing the release valve all the way.
  • Be careful not to lose any of the O-rings that may be attached to it, as these are necessary for the proper operation of the gun.

Step 5: Repeat as Necessary

If you plan on using your airsoft gun again soon, you can leave the CO2 cartridge and depress the release valve to release the gas. However, if you are finished playing for the day, it is best to remove the cartridge and store it safely.


  • When removing the CO2 cartridge, make sure that you do not touch the end of it with your bare skin. CO2 is cold and can cause frostbite.
  • Be careful not to drop the CO2 cartridge to avoid any leaks.
  • If you are not going to be using the gun for a while, it is best to store the CO2 cartridges in a cool, dry place.
  • Make sure that the release valve is completely depressed before removing the CO2 cartridge so that you do not accidentally discharge the gas.

Congratulations! You have now successfully removed a CO2 cartridge from an airsoft gun. Maybe it’s time you replace it with a new one?


Removing a co2 cartridge from an airsoft gun is a simple process that only takes a few steps. However, it is essential to be careful when handling cartridges as they can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Make sure you follow the steps outlined in this guide to safely and successfully remove a CO2 cartridge from your airsoft gun.