How To Put Green Gas Into An Airsoft Pistol (Step-By-Step Guide)

If you have ever played airsoft, you know the feeling of winning. Preparation is essential for winning in airsoft. The basic rule to preparation is to know your equipment. Your gun is the most crucial element in your arsenal, so knowing all its features will lead you ahead of the other players. 


All guns basically run on gas, either green gas or propane. Knowing how to correctly fill an airsoft pistol with green gas requires more art than science. So, after playing and playing, watching all types of players reload their guns with gas, I have put together a step-by-step guide on how to green gas into an Airsoft pistol correctly. Doing this correctly will not only prolong the life of your gun, but it also will prevent accidents or damages from occurring to you or your gun. 

Step 1: Choose the Right Green Gas

how to put green gas into an airsoft pistol: Choose the Right Green Gas

The first thing to know is the correct type of gas that your pistol needs. Since not all pistols have the exact gas requirements, it’s essential to check your pistol’s correct type of gas. 

Some pistols need propane-based gas, while others do not. Most retailers in your area are sure to have regular green gas. 

Step 2: Safety First 

Safety First 

When filling your gun with green gas, ensure it’s in a well-ventilated area. To be safe, ensure no heat sources or open flames are nearby. Also, be sure to use protective eyewear when refilling your gun. 

Step 3: Prepare the Pistol 

Prepare the Pistol 

To prepare your airsoft pistol to fill it, you must ensure it’s empty, and the slide is locked back. This way, any accidental firing of the gun will be prevented while filling the gas. After securing the weapon, place the gas nozzle into the fill valve at the bottom of the empty magazine. 

Step 4: Fill the Magazine

Fill the Magazine

Slowly and steadily fill the magazine with green gas until it is complete. When the gas enters the magazine, you should be able to hear it. Be sure to look closely at the gas; Be careful not to overload the magazine, as this could damage your pistol. 

Step 5: Allow the Gas to Settle 

Allow the Gas to Settle 

After filling the gun magazine, wait a few minutes before using the pistol. Waiting will allow the gas to reach a consistent temperature and pressure, ensuring that your pistol fires accurately and safely.

Step 6: Test the Pistol 

Test the Pistol 

Before taking your pistol out to the field, thinking it’s already loaded, try it. Ensure everything is working correctly by inserting the magazine into the gun and releasing the slide lock. A quick visual way to know that everything is working is when you insert the magazine and hear the gas releasing into the pistol, sliding the move forward. 

Final Thoughts

Recharging your gun magazine is one of the most repeated activities in any airsoft game. Doing this properly will not only prevent an accident but be of excellent service to the life of your gun. If you follow the steps I have outlined in this article, you can ensure that your airsoft pistol is ready to use and correctly loaded. Safety first, and happy game!