How Young Can You Be to Play Airsoft?

How young Do You Have To Be To Play Airsoft

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube of people getting hurt playing airsoft. Some of the injuries are not even from airsoft shots themselves but rather from falling, scraping, tripping, or ankle breaking. 

It makes one wonder, is this game allowed for teenagers, and how old should children be to play airsoft? 

It seems unsafe for kids to play this game given that there are lots of reported injuries. However, the most appropriate age to start playing airsoft is 13. The minimum age for children to play airsoft usually depends on where they live, and the rules at the airsoft field they’ll be playing in.

At this age, most teenagers already know how to responsibly handle dangerous tools. This means that they would know how to handle an airsoft gun without either injuring anyone.

Laws on Airsoft for Kids

In most countries, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play airsoft. However, in the USA it is perfectly legal for even 10-year-olds to play. This will, of course, depend on the laws governing airsoft in the particular state or county where you live. 

Each state has different laws and you should check them out first before engaging in airsoft. 

Some states restrict the minimum age at which a child can obtain an airsoft gun or carry it around. Be sure that your child is not breaking any rules for your particular state by doing a bit of research about the laws in your particular state.  

If you want to go deeper into the laws of each state, you can check out this link which has all the airsoft laws in the USA. It’s a bit of a difficult read but you may find the information you are looking for there.

Rules About Kids at the Airsoft Field

In addition to the legal restrictions, almost all airsoft fields will have restrictions on the minimum age of the players in their fields.  These rules vary from field to field and it’s important to know before going so that you and your kid don’t get disappointed.

Airsoft c3 has done a great job of cataloging all the airsoft fields in the USA. You can check here whether the field you’re planning to play on has any age restrictions. Most fields will require:

  • Children below a certain age are to be accompanied by a parent when on the field.
  • Children under the age of 16 wear full face masks to protect their eyes and faces.

Responsibility of the Child Is Key

When handling any dangerous item, your child’s responsibility will determine whether he or she is a safe or dangerous user of that item.

black assault rifle on black textile

Improper ways of playing airsoft games can cause bad injuries to the eyes or teeth. It is important to train any child on how to handle an airsoft gun responsibly and how to protect themselves from getting injured when playing on the field.

It’s also really important to train the child to be generally responsible with how they handle their airsoft gun both on and off the field.

Why Is 13 the Best Age?

Airsoft guns are not toys. They can be dangerous when handled inappropriately and carelessly. Airsoft guns require someone responsible enough to use them without injuring themselves or the people around them.

The average 13-year-old is responsible enough to handle dangerous tools. This is the right age where they can be mature enough to handle an airsoft gun and follow basic rules to avoid inflicting damage on themselves or others. 

It may not always be evident that 13-year-olds are responsible all the time. In fact, there are even 10-year-olds that can show better responsibility. However, on a general consensus, the age of 13 is a good age considered for a responsible teenager. 

Most teenagers understand the consequences of their actions and would understand the kind of damage they can cause if they use an airsoft gun irresponsibly.

To add, there’s a reason why teenagers and children should be accompanied by an adult. They’re not left rampaging on their own as their guardians are responsible for their actions as well. 

Average Age of Airsofters

Most players in airsoft fields in the USA are on the lower age spectrum. Mostly teenagers and young adults aged 20 or above. If your 10-year-old son will want to play airsoft, they would mostly be playing with people who are generally older than them.

While this is not a bad thing, it’s something worth considering if you should let your child play airsoft.

  1. 10-Year-Olds – some 10-year-olds can be more responsible adults but boys at this age are generally not very responsible to observe all the rules and safety precautions in airsoft. It’s best to wait a few more years.
  2. 12-Year-Olds12-year-olds are just on the cusp of becoming teenagers. It’s important to look at how responsible this child is before allowing them to start using an airsoft gun.

Airsoft Safety Gear for Kids

Below is a list of gear that you can check out to protect your child when they are out on the field playing airsoft. They are recommendations that help protect the face and eyes and they fit perfectly for kids. 

1. Goggles

    1. Pyramex Highlander Safety Glasses
    2. ToolFreak Spoggles
    3. XaegisTac XTG07 Tactical Airsoft Goggles

2. Face Masks

    1. MGFLASHFORCE Airsoft Mask
    2. Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask 

3. Gloves

    1. Maddog Tactical Half-Finger
    2. Valken V-TAC Half Finger 
    3. Seibertron Adult Or Youth S.O.L.A.G Sports
    4. WTACTFUL Touch Screen Gloves

4. Vests

    1. NC Star Children’s Tactical Vest
    2. Nc Star Children’s Vest 

Rules About the Airsoft Gun Outside of the Field

It is really important to set boundaries for how Airsoft guns should be handled when off the field. It’s most likely that no one is wearing any safety gear when off the field. Serious injuries are likely to happen to the child or the people around them if these rules and structures are ignored. 

person holding grey and black rifle

Since airsoft guns have an uncanny resemblance to a real firearm, using the airsoft gun anywhere other than an airsoft field may cause panic and in the worst case scenario, may attract police attention who will mistake the airsoft gun for a real one and react in self-defense.

Airsoft Rules for Kids

A few rules you can set can include:

  • The airsoft gun should always be in its case when off the field.
  • Mags should never be loaded until you are at the airsoft field.
  • The safety should always be on until you start gameplay and should be returned on when leaving the field.
  • Always press down the trigger for a few seconds to empty the BBs in the barrel that may have been left.
  • Never point the airsoft gun at anyone when not on the field.
  • Never brandish the airsoft gun in public.


It’s best to always be on the safe side. Airsoft can hurt and can cause injuries to both its user and people around him. For everyone to enjoy, every player has to abide by the rules and safety rules laid for airsoft handling and usage. 

It’s only a matter of time and your child will soon get to play as the big boys do. Once he gets there, he may not even want to return to his old toys. It’s best to cherish these moments for a while because once he gets a taste of airsoft, he’ll be playing it for years to come.