How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Airsoft?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Airsoft

Have you ever wondered how old you have to be to play airsoft? You the grown-ups enjoying a little fun at the field and you might have wanted to join in too.

The short answer is simple; you have to be 18 years of age to play airsoft legally. There are no other ways around this and there are rules that must be followed. Only those above 18 years of age, can buy and use airsoft in the United States.

But what can you do if you really want to play airsoft and you’re underaged? Here are ways you can do to play airsoft before reaching 18 years old.

What to Do if You Are Under 18 Years of Age?

If you are under 18, the only time it can be possible to play airsoft is to be supervised by an adult. Just like any other activity out there, you gotta have a license or reach an appropriate age.

Some airsoft arenas can allow teenagers of 14 years to play airsoft only if adults are there to guide them. An adult should always accompany the teens and sign the waiver for them to play.

There are even cases where parents can teach their kids from 12 to play airsoft. The requirement involves ensuring they are under the supervision of adults.

Airsoft is a fun game that is played using realistic toy guns. Those interested in playing the games can always enjoy them in private areas. Different states have different restrictions on how airsoft can be played. Let’s talk about this later.

General Tips About Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are created to mimic real firearms and are not considered real toys. There’s a reason the phrase “toys for big boys” has been coined and airsoft is definitely one of them.

They come in different sizes, designs and depending on which gun they are mimicking. Some look like real rifles, shotguns, automatic rifles, and even pistols. There are a few rules that you have to follow before you can carry any airsoft guns.

Let’s take a look at this first.

1. Hide Your Guns When Traveling

If you intend to travel to a given location to play airsoft, the airsoft guns should be carried in a suitcase that will hide them from other people. It is illegal to brandish an airsoft gun when traveling.

In most cases, the airsoft guns will look like real guns. Most often than not, people can get terrified of seeing airsoft guns despite being a toy as they are almost perfect replications of real guns.

For the safety of those carrying the guns and other travelers, always conceal the airsoft guns when traveling.

2. Age Restrictions

In almost all states, people above 18 years are allowed to carry and purchase airsoft guns. If you want to buy a gun, then proof of citizenship will be required.

Many stores sell airsoft guns across the states. Choose a supplier with a good reputation for selling high-quality airsoft guns that can meet the needs of game lovers.

Airsoft game has a few rules that people must follow to enjoy playing. It mimics real shooting scenarios.

3. Accompany Kids to Play Airsoft

All airsoft players are supposed to be above 18 years. Some areas will allow kids up to 12 years to play. You need to accompany the kids and train them to play the game.

Some states allow people to play the games in their private properties, such as indoor spaces or backyards. The kids should be accompanied by adults who will guide them on how to use airsoft guns.

4. Never Fire Airsoft in Public

It is illegal to fire airsoft in public. Never point the airsoft guns to other people if they are not participating in the game. The airsoft guns will take a design that is similar to real guns.

Pointing them to other people not interested in the game can make them feel threatened and precautionary actions. For your and their safety, avoid pointing guns at other people in public or when traveling.

5. Install an Orange Tip to All Airsoft Guns

The law requires handlers of airsoft guns to distinguish them from real firearms. In most cases, airsoft guns are made to resemble real guns in size and design.

It is very easy for someone to mistake them for real guns. To make them distinguishable from real guns, the law requires those carrying them to install an orange tip about 6 mm long.

Airsoft Riffle
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Those aware of gun laws will know the toys carried are not real guns. The orange tip is essential because it will distinguish the airsoft guns from the real guns in the field.

The orange tip is a standard sign that indicates it is not a real gun. You avoid issues with law enforcers by installing the tip.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Airsoft?

The different states have various requirements regarding the legal age to carry and use airsoft guns. The general rule allows adults to use airsoft guns in specified areas.

Teenagers to a minimum of 12 years can only use airsoft guns when they are in the company of adults. Here are state laws on the use of airsoft guns:

  1. Michigan Airsoft Laws – The state allows people to carry airsoft guns in cases. The airsoft guns should have orange tips to indicate they are replicas. They should not be brandished in public.
  2. Texas Airsoft Laws – The state only allows airsoft to be fired outside the city. You are not as well allowed to fire airsoft on a property. There are specific areas where people can go to fire an airsoft gun.
  3. Illinois Airsoft Laws – The state regulates airsoft guns under the air rifle category. They are not allowed to be sold, rented, or given to anybody under the age of 13 years. Parents should accompany underaged children for access.
  4. Minnesota Airsoft Laws – All purchasers of airsoft guns should be above 16 years in the state. All children under the age of 14 can handle airsoft under the supervision of their parents or guardians. A case should be available to transport the airsoft guns. Firing an airsoft gun can only happen outside the city limits.
  5. Wisconsin Airsoft Laws – In this state, it is illegal to carry an airsoft gun near schools. Airsoft guns should be handled 1000 feet outside the school grounds.
  6. Arkansas Airsoft Laws – All airsoft guns should be transported with an orange tip. The body should be colored brightly if you want to handle an airsoft gun in this state.
  7. California Airsoft Laws – All minors cannot use an airsoft gun alone in this state. They need the company of their parents for them to access and use airsoft guns. The guns should have fluorescent coloring at the trigger.
  8. New York Airsoft Laws – The state requires all airsoft gun bears to have them brightly colored. All gas-powered or spring-powered guns require licenses.
  9. New Jersey Airsoft Laws – Airsoft guns are considered imitation firearms. Only adults are allowed to carry them. Brandishing them in public places is illegal. They should also be stored in carrying cases when transporting them in this state.

If you wish to grab a hold of more in-depth information about the different airsoft laws by state please click here.

Wrapping It Up

Playing with airsoft guns is an adrenaline-filled activity that can be really fun even for youngsters. But they are not young boys’ toys that can be brandished and held without supervision and rules.

If you’re still at a young age, you can play airsoft as long as you are accompanied by an adult depending on the state. Always follow the rules as handling an airsoft gun will attract attention due to the similarities it has with real guns.

Remember, safety always comes before the fun. If you can follow this set of rules correctly, you’re good to go!