How Much do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

How Much Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Some seasoned airsoft players claim the guns can’t inflict pain, while newer players, especially in their first game, are playing quite defensively for fear of being shot and hurt.

Airsoft guns are not firearms, but they can inflict some pain depending on the type of gun used and the proximity of the shot. Airsoft guns typically fire 6mm plastic BBs at velocities of between 100 and 600 feet per second. At close range, a hit from an airsoft gun can cause a painful stinging sensation, similar to getting snapped by a rubber band. 

Clothing vs. Bare Skin

The severity of the pain will depend on your clothing. A shot on the bare skin will sting significantly more than a shot on protective clothing, but it will nonetheless not penetrate your skin or do any severe damage. You do not need to buy professional protective clothing; it may not be necessary if you occasionally play airsoft games with your friends. Thicker clothing from your wardrobe will do the trick.

How Much Do Airsoft Guns Hurt Different Body Parts

Some body parts may hurt more than others. Your cold ears being shot will certainly be rather unpleasant. Your cold fleshy fingers may also hurt for a minute, but the pain generally is not long-lasting. At most, you could feel a sore pain for one day after being shot but that is the case with 1 in 1,000 shots or so.

There is a body part that should be protected at all times, and that is the eye, airsoft guns can inflict damage on the eye that can hurt very badly and inflict long-lasting damage; thus, safety goggles are essential.

Levels of Pain

Just like a rubber band or a bee sting without the long-term effects, airsoft guns do hurt a tiny bit, but it’s not the type of pain that will last or stay with you for long. Most shots are barely noticeable if you wear adequate clothing, while most shots from close-range will be stinging.

Lastly, some people have different pain scales. The same shot will be felt differently by two persons and you know best your tolerance level. But remember that airsoft is a sport played by many people and it wouldn’t be so wildly popular if people had to suffer through it. If you feel unsure about your first airsoft game, you can test out a few guns on your skin in a shop or ask a friend to shoot at you from a distance while you wear proper clothing.

Wearing protective gear such as full-seal goggles and thick clothing can help significantly reduce the potential for getting hurt and thus increase how much you enjoy the game.