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Airsoft Laws in Illinois

Airsoft Laws In Illinois

The Laws controlling the use of Airsoft in Illinois were adjusted in Public Act 097-1108  of 2013 to specifically declassify Airsoft Guns and other air guns as firearms. It means that Airsoft Laws in Illinois have specifically permitted the sale, transport, and use of airsoft guns within its state. Below is a caption of the

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Airsoft Laws in Utah

Airsoft Laws In Utah

Am I Breaking the law when using my Airsoft Gun in the state of Utah? Below is a breakdown of the Airsoft Laws in Utah and its counties that seek to answer this question conclusively. Are Airsoft Guns Legal In Utah? Airsoft Guns are Legal in Utah.  Or better put, there are no laws prohibiting

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Airsoft Laws In Ohio

Airsoft Laws In Ohio

There are no explicit Airsoft laws in Ohio. This is because the definition of “Firearm” does not include guns that utilize air to propel their ammunition. In some states like New Jersey, the legal definition of a firearm includes guns that use air to propel ammunition. This creates complications for anyone with an airsoft gun.

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Airsoft Laws in Texas USA

Airsoft Laws In Texas USA

Airsoft laws in Texas are pretty lenient and many counties allow ownership of Airsoft guns. However, many cities restrict the firing of these guns within city limits, but this isn’t a state-wide restriction. Hence, be sure to check your county’s restrictions before you acquire, fire, or travel with an Airsoft gun. There are currently no

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