Can Airsoft Guns Hurt You

Can Airsoft Guns Hurt You

Airsoft is a popular sport played by people of all ages worldwide, but there are always risks involved. Perhaps you’re wondering if these guns are safe. Well, the good news is that airsoft guns can’t hurt you, but the bad news is that they can still cause minor injuries.

While Airsoft is generally considered a safe sport, you can still experience some minor to significant injuries. This is why it’s essential to wear proper gear when playing the game. It’s also worth noting to follow the game’s rules both in and out of the field.

Let’s take a closer look at the safety of airsoft guns and review some tips for avoiding injuries. Keep reading to learn more!

Can Airsoft Hurt You?

Are Airsoft Guns Dangerous?

Airsoft guns are not dangerous if used correctly. However, like any other type of gun, they can be hazardous if misused.

The most common airsoft wounds and injuries from airsoft guns are minor bruises, welts, and scratches. These injuries can be treated by home remedies and typically occur when someone is shot at close range with an airsoft gun.

However, more severe injuries, such as eye injuries or broken bones, can occur in rare cases. These types of damages are usually the result of careless use or misuse of airsoft guns.

What Is the Allowed Fps?

Airsoft guns that shoot over 250 FPS are considered high-powered and may not be allowed in some fields. Check with your local Airsoft field to ensure the legal requirements on exit velocity before purchasing a gun.

This ensures that you’re not wasting your hard-earned money on a gun that you might not be able to use. Or end up being banned for using an overpowered gun, which the other players will certainly notice almost immediately.

What Are The Airsoft Age Limits?

Most airsoft fields have an age limit of 18 years old. However, some Airsoft fields may allow players as young as 10. There are ways to do this, and depending on your state, an underage kid might be able to play airsoft.

Ensure you check with your local airsoft and state laws before playing.

What Kind of Injuries Can Airsoft Guns Cause?

Like any other type of gun, they can be hazardous if misused. Airsoft guns can cause the following minor injuries:

  1. Eye Injuries – Wearing protective gear, such as goggles or masks, is essential to avoid eye injuries.
  2. Welts and Bruises – If you are shot with an airsoft gun at a close range, it will hurt and may naturally cause welts and bruises.
  3. Fall Injuries – Airsoft bullets are not the only risks in playing this game. Other injuries include falling, scraping, and spraining your ankle. With proper gear, these things can be avoided.
  4. Fracture or Bone Injuries – These can happen if a player becomes too focused on the game and neglects his surroundings. The field can be uneven and filled with debris, metal, or rocks, which are hazards to the players and can cause fall or even bone injuries.

To avoid these injuries, following the safety tips listed above is essential. Doing so can ensure you have a safe and fun experience with Airsoft guns.

How to Avoid Injury From Airsoft Guns?

Here are some ways to prevent injuries caused by an airsoft gun.

  1. Wear Protective Gear – Airsoft guns can shoot pellets at high speeds, so it’s essential to wear protective gear when using them. This includes eye protection, gloves, and a face mask.
  2. Don’t Shoot At Close Range – If you are using an airsoft gun, you may injure a person close to you. Therefore, have the initiative to back away and keep a safe distance from each other. In some fields, the word “bang bang” is often used when a shooter is near the target to prevent close contact injuries.
  3. Use Proper Airsoft Gun – Make sure you’re using an airsoft gun appropriate for your skill level. If you’re a beginner, start with a low-powered rifle. And, if you’re more experienced, consider upgrading to a higher-powered gun.
  4. Follow The Rules – Whenever you use airsoft guns, be sure to follow all safety rules. In addition, this includes not removing the safety device and not pointing the gun at anyone’s head or face.

With these simple tips, you can avoid being injured by an airsoft gun. Remember to use caution and common sense, and you’ll be safe.


Follow the safety tips above to avoid being injured by an airsoft gun. Doing so can ensure you have a safe and fun experience with airsoft guns. Ask any questions at the local airsoft field before playing. Remember always to follow the rules, which include not removing your safety device and not pointing the gun at anyone’s head or face.

With these simple tips, you can avoid being injured and injuring others. Using caution and common sense will keep you safe.