5 Best Airsoft Googles for 2023 (Updated and Reviewed)

Are you obsessed with Airsoft and careful about your eyes too? Do you know how to protect your eyes from harmful radiation in an Airsoft field, either military or sports? No? No worries. You are at the right place to discover the best protection for your eyes. 

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Airsoft goggles are the best protection eyewear. All players should wear goggles to protect their eyes. Some Airsoft fields require goggles with specific ANSI Ratings to be used on the demanding fields. 

Do you have difficulty choosing the best goggles for you? In this article, you will learn about the buying guide for Airsoft goggles. Moreover, you will read the Top 5 Best Airsoft goggles, their specifications, and honest reviews. 

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Buying Guide

You should consider some crucial factors before buying Airsoft goggles. This buying guide will help you in choosing suitable goggles. You must be looking for these mandatory factors.

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BB Impact Tests

First and foremost thing you should check in an Airsoft gun is its BB (Ball-Bearing) Impact test. You might be confused to hear about an Airsoft BB Impact test. Let’s elaborate on this test.

If you want to check the safety of your eyewear, conduct a test in a safe environment where you shoot your target multiple times at the airsoft field’s minimum distance with an Airsoft gun. 

There are two possibilities:

  • If your eyewear survives and blocks the fired BBs, you can use the goggles in the Airsoft field.
  • If your eyewear breaks due to fired BBs, the goggles are unsafe to use in the Airsoft field, either military or sports. 

ANSI Ratings

Airsoft goggles are designed to protect you from Airsoft BBs. The goggles must be rated to a certain rating so that BBs do not break the goggles or penetrate them. You can call this particular rating an ANSI Rating. 

Do you know the common value of the ANSI rating? No? According to the American National Standards Institute, your goggles should be a minimum of Z87.1+ impact-rated. This rating shows the ability of goggles to withstand high-impact Airsoft BBs.         

Protective Materials

Airsoft goggles are made of different types of protective materials. The two major types are Wire Mesh and Solid Plastic

  • Wire Mesh Airsoft Goggles

    You can not use Airsoft goggles made of mesh material in the Airsoft field. The dirt, debris, and Airsoft BBs can penetrate the mesh and ultimately enter the player’s eyes. These types of goggles are not recommended at all.

  • Solid plastic Airsoft Goggles

    The goggles are mostly made of Polycarbonate material. The solid material does not allow dirt, debris, and Airsoft BBs and provide top-notch protection. These goggles are highly recommended for you.


Price is important to consider before buying anything. You have to keep in mind your budget for Airsoft goggles. Airsoft goggles are available in the market in every price range. They provide excellent value for money. 

What’s cool? If you have a low budget, you should not worry. You have unlimited discount options on Amazon. 


Comfort level is necessary to consider for Airsoft goggles. You should feel comfortable in an Airsoft field for accurate shootings.


Visibility is another essential factor in Airsoft goggles. If your goggles fog the view, such goggles are not recommended to use.


Best Airsoft Goggles

The five top picks are as follows:

1. Leyelux Airsoft Goggles Over Glasses


Best for Bespectacled People
Leyelux Airsoft Goggles
  • Provides a complete seal over the eyes
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-Scratch coating
  • No physical proof of ANSI feature
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Most people have weak eyesight and wear spectacles. They often worry about how to wear Airsoft goggles over the glasses. Are you one of them too? You need not worry. Here’s the solution to your problem. We have one of the best Airsoft glasses for bespectacled people. Leyelux Airsoft Goggles ranks in Amazon Best Sellers. 

Leyelux AG02 Tactical Goggles offer 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes. You can wear such goggles with all standard sizes of helmets and face masks. You can experience the anti-fog features of AG02 with both sides of the lenses. 

It has a unique ventilation system to avoid suffocation. When you order these goggles, you get a three-in-one offer as the package includes 1x AG02 safety goggles, 1x Micro-Fiber pouch, and 1x protective cleaning cloth.


2. Evike GX-1000 Anti-Fog Tactical Shooting Goggles


Best Anti-fog Airsoft Goggles
GX-1000 Anti-Fog Safety Shooting Goggle System
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Meets US military specifications
  • Air Ventilation system
  • A bit expensive
  • Not suitable for full-face protection
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Are you fed up with useless goggles that fog the view? You might find it impossible to find goggles that serve a dual purpose, i.e., anti-fog and eye protection. As the famous saying is that nothing is impossible. So as here. You have found the Best Anti-fog Airsoft Goggles

Evike GX-1000 Anti-fog Tactical Shooting Goggle System is one of the best eye-protection goggles worldwide. You also get a soft fabric pouch to clean the lens when you order these goggles. You can interchange the lens according to your requirements. These give you 100% UVA/UVB eye protection from harmful rays. 

3. Valken V-TAC Echo Airsoft Goggles



Valken Airsoft Echo Goggle
  • Polycarbonate lenses filter
  • Meets ANSI Ratings
  • Has anti-fog vents
  • Lens are not interchangeable.
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The best budget-friendly Airsoft goggles are Valken V-Tac Echo Airsoft Goggles. It is made of 75% cotton and 25% nylon. The single-head strap is comfortable. You can have a full-seal wrap around your head.

Valken V-Tac Echo Goggles meet the ANSI-specific Z87.1 high-impact requirements. It provides ventilation by allowing an outlet to release heat. It is excellent value for your money. What’s exciting? You have 30 days warranty. You can contact the manufacturer if your goggles meet any mishap. 

Do you want to know the numerous features of Valken V-Tac Echo Goggles? Stay Tuned!


4. SPOSUNE Airsoft Goggles 


Best Airsoft Military Goggles
SPOSUNE Airsoft Goggles
  • Shockproof or Highly resistant
  • Fulfills ANSI Ratings
  • Gives a 180° broad vision
  • Wearable with the most Tactical Helmet
  • Difficult to wear over the glasses
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The best Military Airsoft Goggles are SPOSUNE Tactical Safety Goggles. It ranks #4 in the top 5 Amazon Best Sellers of Airsoft Goggles. It has an RX Insert design in which there is an innate lens. The three lenses, i.e., gray, yellow, and clear, are present. The lenses are interchangeable and have specific functions. 

The three filters UVA/UVB/UVC, protect your eyes from detrimental UV rays. The exciting thing is its ventilation system with top and bottom holes. It is anti-fog and clears your view of the field. The double-buckled headband allows you to fasten it and enjoy Airsoft shooting securely.

Let’s have a look at their exciting features.


5. Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pain Goggles


Best Airsoft Sports Goggles
Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pain Goggles
  • Has Anti-fog properties
  • Most Affordable
  • Fulfills ANSI Ratings
  • Do not fit over prescription glasses
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Are you looking for one of the best pairs of goggles for outdoor and indoor sports? Here come the best Airsoft sports goggles, i.e., Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pain Goggles. It ranks high among the best sellers of Hunting and Shooting Safety Glasses.

It has a dual-lens, i.e., inner and outer. The outer Polycarbonate lens protects you from the environment, and the inner acetate lens protects you from fogging. Polycarbonate lenses can withstand minor scratches. It has a versatile ratchet strap. The foam around the lens keeps you cool. 



The long and short, you have learned the top five basic categories of Airsoft goggles. You can choose Airsoft goggles according to your requirements. The important factors to consider in the buying guide for Airsoft goggles are the BB Impact test, ANSI Rating, comfort level, visibility, and protection material. You read about the pros and cons of the best Airsoft Goggles. Now, you can buy your kind of goggles easily. 

Tell us in the comment section which goggles you will buy for your Airsoft experience.

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