Are Airsoft Pellet Biodegradable?

Are Airsoft Pellet Biodegradable

Airsoft BBs are plastic and don’t damage most surfaces when they bounce off them. However, after bouncing from walls and dropping on the ground, are they biodegradable or will they cause environmental damage?

Most new players or even experienced players will ask this. After all, you are scattering countless pellets that could travel through water systems and farms. It is only natural to ask whether this tiny ammo can affect your neighborhood.

When you check the market you can immediately see two categories of ammo. There are biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials available. Traditional airsoft ammunition was non-biodegradable and was utilized for the game. However, biodegradable material was created owing to its dangerous environmental effects.

Are Airsoft Pellet Biodegradable

Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable Airsoft Pellets

Airsoft pellets are typically made of either plastic or biodegradable materials with plastic being the most common choice. These pellets are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a thermoplastic polymer. 

Because ABS is not biodegradable, it cannot decompose over time in the environment. If you don’t want to throw away your airsoft pellets, you may recycle them. This helps the environment and also your pocket.

If you want biodegradable airsoft pellets, they are readily available in stores. These pellets are typically made of corn starch or other plant-based materials. These pellets break down and disintegrate when they come in touch with water.

However, biodegradable pellets may only break down in wet conditions. They could take longer to decompose in dry settings.

Environmental Risks

While airsoft pellets are not harmful to the environment, there is a potential risk associated with their use. Airsoft pellets can attract animals that might mistake them for food if they are left in the environment. An animal ingesting a pellet may suffer internal damage or even die.

This is why cleaning up any pellets you shoot in your backyard or elsewhere is crucial. It’s also important to remember that certain airsoft weapons run on gas, such as propane.

If these gases are not used appropriately, they might harm the ecosystem. So, if you’re using a gas-powered airsoft gun, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

On the other hand, biodegradable airsoft ammunition is created from polylactic acid (PLA), sometimes known as polylactide. This substance is made of organic materials like resin, which may be made from plants or synthetic materials. These pellets are safe for the environment since they swiftly degrade over time.

Price Difference

Generally speaking, biodegradable pellets are more expensive than conventional plastic. There is typically not much of a price difference. And the extra expense is frequently justified when considering the advantages of biodegradable pellets.

Biodegradable pellets are excellent for people looking for an environmentally responsible choice.

Other Benefits of Biodegradable Pellets

Biodegradable airsoft pellets provide a few advantages over conventional plastic airsoft pellets and are better for the environment. First, they have a considerably lower chance of harming your airsoft pistol.

Biodegradable pellets are significantly softer and won’t harm an airsoft pistol in the same way plastic pellets occasionally crack or shatter inside them. Plastic pellets on the other hand may require you to clean your gun more regularly. 

Second, compared to plastic pellets, biodegradable pellets are frequently less expensive. The biodegradable pellets are a fantastic choice if you want to buy airsoft ammo on a budget.

The Most Effective Way of Disposing Airsoft Pellets

Following are some steps you can take to dispose of your airsoft pellets properly:

  • If you have plastic airsoft pellets, recycle them.
  • If you have biodegradable airsoft pellets, compost them.
  • If you’re unsure what kind of airsoft pellets you have, check with the manufacturer.
  • Never leave airsoft pellets in an environment where they can attract animals.
  • If you’re using an airsoft gun that uses gas, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

These steps will ensure that your airsoft pellets are disposed of properly and won’t harm the environment. These steps will ensure that your airsoft pellets are disposed of properly and won’t harm the environment.

What Are The Best Biodegradable Pellet Brands?

Customers began understanding the consequences of using non-biodegradables, particularly in their backyards. As the demand for biodegradable pellets increased, other businesses started making them. Utilizing a particular brand is essential when using biodegradable pellets since not all brands are of the same quality.

Generally, biodegradable materials are made to break down on their own. However, certain brands may often take a lot longer. If the pellets are dumped in a landfill, it may take these brands months to almost a year, but it would take even longer if they were left outside.

Several brands produce high-quality biodegradable airsoft pellets. Bio BB, Green Gas, and Eco BB are the most well-known brands made to break down in the environment.

These are great choices if you’re searching for high-quality biodegradable airsoft pellets. Regardless of the type of airsoft pellet you select, it’s critical to dispose of them properly.

By following the instructions above, airsoft pellets won’t cause environmental damage.


Airsoft BBs are both biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The ecosystem is affected by both of them. If you enjoy playing airsoft wargames, the biodegradable choice is superior and unquestionably safer, even if the impact may take weeks to a year to wear off.

Due to higher manufacturing and packaging expenses, biodegradable pellets are often more expensive than non-biodegradable pellets. Both materials perform equally well in ballistics. However, biodegradable pellets have a propensity to fragment into shrapnel.

Whether you choose biodegradable BBs or non-biodegradable ones, it’s up to you. Just be sure to do your due diligence in using these pellets to help clean the environment.