Airsoft Laws in Pennsylvania

Airsoft Laws In Pennsylvania

Yes, but there are some laws that we need to follow. An airsoft gun is a replica weapon that fires plastic pellets. But take note, this may pose a danger if not used properly. Airsoft guns are powered by spring-action, gas, or electric motors.

They may be different from real guns that use combustion but it doesn’t mean they are to be taken lightly. Treat them as real guns and keep in mind the rules to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Are Airsoft Guns Allowed in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania has statewide airsoft gun laws. The Airsoft  Laws in Pennsylvania control the sale, transport, and age limits in the use of airsoft guns. In summary, The law prohibits:

  1. Minors from using airsoft rifles, shotguns, or pistols unless their parent, guardian, or instructor gave the guns to them
  2. Sale of an airsoft gun to a person below the age of 18
  3. Minors from carrying an airsoft gun on a public road, highway, or public land unless an adult accompanies them
Airsoft Laws in Pennsylvania

There are a few exceptions to these restrictions but that’s the gist of the rest of this post.

The laws are contained in the following articles:

  1. 18 PA Cons Stat § 6304 (2016) (a1)
  2. 18 PA Cons Stat § 6304 (2016) (b1)
  3. 18 PA Cons Stat § 6304 (2016) (a2)
  4. 18 PA Cons Stat § 6304 (2016) (e)
  5. 18 PA Cons Stat § 6304 (2016) (g)

What Should You Do?

If you want to keep yourself away from danger, learn about the basics of airsoft and the laws in your state. Here’s the breakdown of the laws in Pennsylvania.

1. Sale or Transfer

It is illegal to sell an airsoft gun to a minor or anyone who is younger than 18 years old. The laws also require that anyone selling the airsoft gun establish the age of the person they are selling the gun to.

In any situation where they have a valid reason to suspect that you do not meet the legal age, they would be obligated to refuse to sell the gun to you.

This law also applies to renting or giving out the airsoft gun to anyone they suspect to be younger than the age of 18. So, if you have an airsoft gun, don’t just give it away without knowing who they are and whether or not they’ll be interacting with any minors.

If a person younger than 18 years old intends to purchase, borrow, or rent an airsoft gun, they must be accompanied by an adult. This adult should only be a parent, guardian, or adult instructor.

2. Carrying or Discharging

If you are below 18 Years Old, the law in Pennsylvania prohibits you from carrying an airsoft gun on the highway or in public places like parks and parking lots, etc. This is unless you are accompanied by an adult.

Even in this case, the airsoft gun must be unloaded and contained in a suitable case or securely wrapped.

It is also illegal for any person to fire or discharge an airsoft gun from highways or public places. The exception for this is if you are shooting the airsoft weapon in a specially constructed shooting range.

Exceptions to the Laws

If you really want to get into Airsoft, there are exceptions that you can do. As long as you follow the rules, you’re safe and the authorities won’t bother you.

1. Exceptions to Age Limit Laws

The age limit laws would not apply in the following cases:

  1. If the airsoft gun is used on the property where the minor lives.
  2. If the minor using the airsoft gun is enrolled as a member of any club, society, or team organized for educational purposes and under the supervision of an adult
  3. When used on private grounds or residences, the rifle can be used without restriction but with adherence to rules of common sense and by being careful not to hurt anyone. However, you have to ensure that the pellets do not get outside of the limits of the private residence.

2. Exceptions to Sale Laws

Nothing in this law prohibits the sale of airsoft guns

  • If it was sold wholesale by merchants
  • If it is to be used at target ranges


If you are looking for an airsoft gun and you live in Pennsylvania, you need to understand what the law says about airsoft usage so that you could keep yourself safe and others as well. 

Be safe when you are out there. Accidents happen when you are not prepared or when you lose concentration. Don’t be that guy that gets a serious injury out there in the field for something that could be easily prevented.

A Final Word

Whatever the law states, you need to always remember that an airsoft gun is not a toy. It is a dangerous tool and should be treated with the same respect you would have for an actual firearm.

In Addition to this, the fact that most airsoft guns are made as exact replicas of actual firearms means that a person who does not know airsoft would mistakenly assume that you are carrying an actual firearm.

For this reason, It is really important to always carry your airsoft gun in a gun bag or case. If you don’t have one, check this bag now on Amazon. The links below have a list of affordable cases or bags that you might want to consider.

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The key to playing airsoft is to always practice safety precautions in and outside of the field. There will always be dangers in most sports but if you know how to safeguard yourself and act responsibly, these dangers are lessened or even eliminated.

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