Airsoft Laws In Ohio

Airsoft Laws In Ohio

There are no explicit Airsoft laws in Ohio. This is because the definition of “Firearm” does not include guns that utilize air to propel their ammunition. In some states like New Jersey, the legal definition of a firearm includes guns that use air to propel ammunition.

This creates complications for anyone with an airsoft gun.

Definition of Firearm in Ohio State Law

“Firearm” means any deadly weapon capable of expelling or propelling one or more projectiles by the action of an explosive or combustible propellant. “Firearm” includes an unloaded firearm, and any firearm that is inoperable but that can readily be rendered operable.

So, according to this law, the strict definition of a firearm is a device that propels its ammo through combustion or explosion.

General Legal Guidelines on Airsoft in Ohio

Since there are no explicit airsoft laws in Ohio, here are a few legal guidelines that should keep you safe when using your airsoft gun

1. Don’t Carry a Gun Openly in Public

You should avoid carrying your airsoft gun openly in public. This includes your neighborhood and public parks. The reason for this is that you do not want to scare neighbors or onlookers who may not tell the difference between an airsoft gun and a real firearm.

Airsoft guns don’t have the same power as real firearms and they won’t kill anyone. However, people around you don’t know this and may call the cops.

The police would not generally treat you kindly if you look like you pose a threat to them or other members of the public.

Airsoft Laws in Ohio

2. Inform Your Neighbors

If you intend on playing within your neighborhood, it would be a good idea to get the neighbors on board when organizing the game. Educating your neighbors about airsoft and the difference between an airsoft gun and a real firearm will help you play in peace.

Imagine looking out the window and seeing fully geared swat-looking figures near your house, walking around in what would appear as a shootout scenario. Your first instinct would not be to think that your neighbors are just playing outside. Rather, it would be that you are in danger and you need to call the cops immediately.

It’s also best to let your neighbors, friends, or family know you’re playing airsoft. Airsoft BBs can still hurt. This way, they can steer clear of your area or put on the protective gear on their own.

3. Treat your Airsoft Gun like a Real Firearm

To stay out of trouble, you need to treat your airsoft gun like a real firearm. Airsoft guns are different from real firearms but they can still cause harm if used incorrectly. Following these simple rules will keep you safe from authorities and those around you from harm.

  • Never point your airsoft gun at anyone even in an attempt to scare them
  • Don’t ever bring it to school
  • If found by an officer, reveal it as it would be best not to be mistaken for carrying a real gun
  • Don’t use it as self-defense
  • Don’t do childish things

By treating your airsoft gun like a real firearm, you will take the necessary precautions that will keep you safe with the law. This will also keep people around you safe and calm as they know you are not carrying a real gun.

Though there are no explicit airsoft laws in Ohio, you should follow general common sense to keep you and your friends safe. This is especially true when transporting or using your airsoft gun.

A Final Word

Whatever the law states, you need to always remember that an airsoft gun is not a toy. It is a dangerous tool and you should treat it with the same respect you would have for an actual firearm.

In Addition to this, the fact that most airsoft guns are made as exact replicas of actual firearms means that a person who does not know airsoft would mistakenly assume that you are carrying an actual firearm.

For this reason, It is really important to always carry your airsoft gun in a gun bag or case. If you don’t have one, check this bag now on Amazon. The links below have a list of affordable cases or bags that you might want to consider.

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The key to playing airsoft is to always practice safety precautions in and outside of the field. There will always be dangers in most sports but if you know how to safeguard yourself and act responsibly, these dangers are lessened or even eliminated.

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