3 Reasons Why Your Airsoft Gun Wont Shoot

Airsoft gun wont shoot

There may be a number of reasons why your airsoft gun won’t shoot. This can range from simple wiring issues to more complicated ones like broken teeth gears

While some of these can be fixed, some might require changing parts and a visit with a local airsoft technician.

Let’s see why your guns won’t shoot and what things you can do to fix them. 

1. You Used Low-Quality BBs

Low-quality BBs can damage your airsoft Gun in many ways. Poorly made airsoft BBs can:

  1. Leave fragments within your airsoft gun and this will cause the gears to start jamming up and breaking.
  2. Scratch the barrel and deform it. With enough wear and tear, the barrel starts pointing your BBs in the wrong direction.

Choosing the right BBs will extend the lifespan of your airsoft gun and reduce the number of times that it jams.

How to Fix This: Use High-Quality BBs

The best quality BBs are double polished and have no seams. They need to be perfectly round and have consistency from BB to BB. Cheap BBs come with a lot of inconsistencies and seams on the body.

A good way of testing for consistency is picking a handful of BBs from the bag and looking carefully at each BB for imperfections. Brands with a low number of BBs that are deformed are the best to use.

Here is a short video by John Douch on why you should not use cheap BBs.

The best BB brands are perfectly smooth and have no seams. This prevents them from scratching the inner barrel of your airsoft gun and changing the internal dynamics of how your gun shoots.

2. You Blew a Fuse

If your gun does nothing when you pull the trigger, even on a full charge, you may have blown the fuse to your gun. It could be that:

  1. The gears were jammed and the gun is trying to send too much energy to free up the gun.
  2. The wiring tangled with the motor pinion causing a short circuit. When two wires that are not supposed to touch come into contact, this will cause a short circuit.
  3. You used the wrong fuse for your gun. Check with the manufacturer to find out the appropriate fuse for your gun if this is the problem.

How to Fix: Change Your Fuse

Here is a video explaining where to find your airsoft gun’s fuse and how to replace it.

You can tell that a fuse is blown by:

  • Checking if the wire going through the fuse is broken or discolored.
  • Connecting the two ends without the fuse and try to shoot the gun. If it shoots, then you know that it is the fuse.

A blown fuse is likely the symptom of a bigger problem. If the problem keeps recurring, you will need to investigate further to find the root cause.

If the problem is wiring short-circuiting, you will need to rewire your airsoft gun. This can be a daunting task and here is a video that will give you an idea of what is involved.

Alternatively, you can always visit an airsoft technician for this. It’s better to be safe than to add more problems to your airsoft gun.

3: Burnt Trigger Contacts

This normally happens when black residue builds up on your trigger contacts. This is due to arcing that happens on the trigger contacts. A single fire puts a lot of carbon on the trigger contacts due to arcing.

This is usually over a long period and the gun may work fine for a while but when the carbon builds up, the gun may eventually stop working.

How to Fix: Clean Your Gun

This is actually a quick fix. All you have to do is take apart your gun and clean the tips with a soft damp cloth. Make sure everything is dry before assembling the airsoft gun back together.

When cleaning the gun doesn’t help, then you can try the solution in this video given by Jeffie Jeff. This will involve replacing the contacts so please read up on how to replace the contacts in your airsoft gun before you open up your airsoft gun.


These are just a few reasons why your airsoft gun is not shooting. Hopefully, these fixes are enough to help you out in this endeavor. 

There are other reasons why airsoft guns won’t shoot.

  • Worn Out Motor Brush Springs
  • Cut Wires on the Airsoft Gun
  • Locked/Jammed Gearbox
  • Broken Gears
  • Stripped Piston

We’ve only covered a few of the reasons why your airsoft might not be working. Most of these might require professional work. You can always refer to other guides out there but to be safe, try consulting with an airsoft technician first.

Usually, if you’re touching the airsoft gearbox for silencing your gun, making it louder, or fixing the issues listed here, it’s best to refer to the professionals.