5 Airsoft Tactics Almost Anyone Can Apply

5 Airsoft Tactics Almost Anyone Can Apply

Being in a team requires cooperation to execute plans smoothly and this becomes hard even when one member tries to move against what the team is doing. Often, teams would be either chaotic or organized.

There are two basic kinds of teams in most airsoft games. The fun team is a team of individual players having fun in their own way as they move unsynchronized on the battlefield. Then there’s the other team filled with dedicated players acting like a single entity with one objective in mind.

Depending on your preference and personality, you can play either way. But when these two types of teams collide, the cohesive team will more likely take the lead.

With that in mind, below are five effective airsoft tactics that your team can use to win.

Fire And Maneuver

When assaulting and defending as a group, it frequently happens that you and other team members can’t move because of enemy fire. Fire and Maneuver, often known as “suppressive fire”, occurs when members of your team fire on the opposing location with little intention of hitting valuable targe but rather to force the enemy to take cover.

When a suppressing fire is initiated, it gives your team members room to move to a different spot. The location might be closer to the opponent, further away, or more advantageous.

Shoot And Scoot

Shoot and scoot is an artillery tactic. When artillery is fired, the projectile trail reveals your location to the opponent. After firing, you have to move away quickly to avoid oncoming strikes.

This is regarded as the Shoot And Scoot. This tactic is currently being used in practically every aspect of a battle and this strategy can also be used in airsoft.

Whenever you attack, try not to remain in that location as the attack may alert the opponent of your whereabouts. After launching a grenade, move to a different spot as someone may have spotted it in the air and backtrack its trajectory. Therefore, change your location immediately after doing any kind of attack.

If you are unable to change to a farther location, try to move a bit. You can change your elevation by going up the trees or building floor or hiding in unpredictable places nearby.


Envelopment is a posh term for flanking. Instead of hitting the adversary head-on, dying-respawning-dying-respawning, and so on, try choosing a different approach and positioning yourself behind or on the adversary’s side.

Envelopment may be as simple as creeping through the enemy’s flank. Or, it can be as complex as battling through the flank defenders and turning back to help the center column from behind.

This can be performed from one or two sides:

  • Single envelopment
  • Double envelopment

Patrol Spacing

Patrol space is a basic tactic that new or even veteran players overlook. The gap you leave between yourself and the guy ahead of you as you march towards an enemy target or patrol throughout the terrain is known as patrol spacing.

During these exercises, it is all too typical for participants to stand too closely together. As a result, clusters of players may be eliminated with a few rounds or a grenade toss.

Instead, establish a safe space between yourself and the friendly players. This distance might be 2 or 3 meters.

It all depends on your environment. The most important thing to guarantee is that any opportunist attacker cannot easily eliminate most of your crew.

The Grenade Follow-up

This strategy has two components: defensive and offensive.

When assaulting, you could hurl a grenade into a specific area, such as a compound or room. Some players hurl the grenade into an area and just wait for it to detonate.

Experienced players, on the other hand, will toss a grenade and then follow it inside the area. The grenade induces panic among the enemy troops, who may evacuate their position if threatened or leap for safety. This is an excellent time to strike and take out some easy kills.

However, wait for the explosive to detonate before entering the area. Or, you may accidentally hit yourself.

When on the defense, players should anticipate this tactic.

  1. If a grenade hits the bunker you’re guarding, take note of where it came from. It provides a good indication of where they’re busting in.
  2. Next, make sure you have an appropriate grenade cover.
  3. Finally, prepare for the oncoming assault.

Assaulters frequently believe the grenade has had a more significant impact than it has. Thus, they may not expect an adequately prepared defense.

Wrapping It All Up

That’s it for now. Of course, there are a lot of other airsoft tactics and strategies you can learn and implement. In fact, you can easily read an entire book about it. For now, the tactics mentioned above should help you get started and point you in the right direction.